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What is temporary fence--Giant fence

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Temporary fencing system is a combination of components, including fence panels, bases, clamps and other optional accessories, to be used in construction sites, events and private sites for protection and sectioning.


  • Quick and easy installation. Light-weight panels are composed of round pipe frames and welded infill meshes which are easily and quickly installed just only two person.

  • No need to dig holes. Removable and lightweight plastic bases make the installation be more easier and will not break the ground surface at all. Fill the water or sands into the base to form a solid and strong base for whole protective system.

  • Anti-corrosion and aging resistance. The hot dipped galvanised finish of infill mesh and frames make the temporary fencing panel excellent corrosion resistance performance. Besides, the anti-ultraviolet agent added plastic base can withstand the strong UV rays and aging resistance.

  • Multiple panels options. Electrical temporary fencing and stable temporary fencing in different pipe sizes and wall thickness for your requirements

  • Considerate options. Company logos, warning signs, shade clothes and special specifications can be customized to your needs.

  • All required hardware included. Bases, clamps, braces, dog bars, shade clothes and other you wanted hardware can be supplied.

  • Perfect for construction sites. It can be used for enclosing and warning dangerous sites and preventing unauthorized accesses. Easy installation and uninstallation performance is suitable for different construction period.


  • Comply with Australia Standards. All the products are approved to Australian standards AS 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoarding.

  • 360° full welding for strong structure. The infill meshes and pipe frames are welded smoothly and sturdily in 360° to extend service life and prevent breakage.

  • Anti-ultraviolet Agents added. At least 3 types of anti-ultraviolet agent added to the plastic bases, which can resist the corrosion of UV rays and supplies excellent anti-aging performance. Additional, it has excellent color fading resistance performance and can maintain new appearance for at least Three years.

  • Smooth surface and no burrs. All the weld pots are treated to eliminate all burrs on the surface to ensure the safe installation and uninstallation.

  • Economical pre-galvanised finish. Galvanised before welding temporary fencing is an economical but efficient choice. galvanised materials including galvanised steel wires and steel pipes are welded together. The zinc coating can ensure at least 42 µm thickness, which can satisfy the normal applications.

  • Sturdy hot dipped galvanised after welding. Low carbon steel wire and pipes are welded together. Then hot dipped galvanised treated for the whole panels. this can ensure at least 70 µm thickness of zinc coating.

  • Customized fence panels and pipe thickness. Except for standard 2.1 m × 2.4 m fence panels, we can customize the special panel length and height along with the pipe thickness and diameter. Just tell us your requirements, we will free customize them for you.

  • Free value-added service. Each container will be equipped with extra 20 clamps and 5 plastic bases for replacement.

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