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3D fence

Wire mesh fences are used predominantly as high security barriers where visibility through the fence is necessary or desirable. Wire mesh fencing is When it is used as fencing, wire mesh is commonly used to fence in livestock, like goats or pigs, or fence out unwanted wildlife, like deer. Wire mesh fencing is often used in caging and enclosure applications. Wire mesh fencing is preferred by many of the country’s largest zoos to create cages for animals, like tigers and reptiles.  For starters, there are numerous metal and alloy options from which to choose. Many materials, like galvanized and stainless steel are in stock.
Secondly, wire mesh fence offers virtually unlimited options when it comes to opening size and diameter wire. Depending upon the specific fencing or caging application, both woven and welded wire mesh fence can be configured to achieve a desired opening size. In order to better assist you, please see below a selection of our most commonly requested types of metals and alloys. After selecting the appropriate material for the application, please consider what mesh opening size will work best for you.