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Curved Fence Over Hills And Slopes

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    Marking the Fence Line. Use Stakes and String: Mark your fence line with stakes and a string. The string will guide the curve. Adjust for the Curve: Regularly step back to check the flow and adjust as necessary.

    Setting the Posts. Dig Holes: Dig holes for your posts along the marked line, spaced appropriately for a curved fence. Install Posts: Use a level to ensure each post is straight, then secure it with concrete.Cutting the Rails. Measure and Cut: Measure the length between posts and cut the rails to fit the curve. Custom Cuts: Each rail may need to be custom-cut to match the curvature.

    Flexibility is Key: Pickets need to be thin and flexible to bend along the curve of a curved wooden fence.

Nail or Screw: Following the curve, secure each picket to the rails.


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