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The application of T post

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Choose low carbon steel or aluminum magnesium alloy materials after processing, plastic or electrostatic spray formed guardrail column;The guardrail column relates to the ring mountain, ring, road protection components.It is composed of the outer layer and the inner core. The outer layer is made of slurry and glass fiber made of chlorine water prepared with magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide, and the inner core is made of rigid foam plastic.Fence column for two, one is the length and width of the direction of the column length is set with hanging net fixed wire, the top is set to prevent people from climbing over the wire, a connection length and width of the corner of the corner column.According to the section of the fence column can be made into a square, circular, rectangular, triangular, polygonal and semicircle.It includes Y - shaped column, T - shaped column, W - shaped column, peach - shaped column and Dutch column and other fixed parts.

The advantages of the product are: practical, new unique, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high strength, easy to implement.

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