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High security fencing panel system

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358 Securi Mesh

High security fencing panel system is a holistic system consisting of heavy-duty, high-security welded panels with an anti-climbing rectangular grid with three types of struts.

  - vandalism
  - safe and discreet
  - Effective deterrence
  - Complete system

High security fencing panel is made of a high-safety welded mesh with a thickness of 2 518.6 mm. Several panels can be mounted one on top of the other. A one-piece panel up to 6 meters is also available.

For maximum safety, the grid is 12.7 x 76.2 mm (height x width) with a wire diameter of 4 mm.

Welding strength: 50% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire. In tests conducted by the professional police department, the mesh has a 40-fold higher delay factor than other standard fence products - an important requirement for capturing potential escapers.

High security fencing panel system has been thoroughly tested to meet European safety standards.

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