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China euro wire fence extensions

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European highway guardrail is also called Holland wire mesh. This is the development trend of the world steel industry. In addition, the European highway guardrail is not only a new type of high-performance structural material, but also an efficient building technology. This is a fundamental change from manual operation to factory operation and commercialization.

Now, let's know its specifications. First of all, the raw materials are low carbon steel wire and aluminum alloy wire. Then, the most important part is the hole size, wire diameter, and width and length. Depending on the size of the hole, 50 * 50mm and 50 * 100mm are common. The wire diameter is 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm.. The height ranges from 800 mm to 2200 mm.. The width is 2500 mm and 3000 mm.. Usually, the surface treatment is hot dip galvanizing and galvanized + PVC coating.

The second part is the pillar of European expressway guardrail. Columns are usually made of 48 mm iron pipes or 60 mm iron pipes. Because its suppression shape is similar to that of dovetail joint, it is also called swallow tail. The length is 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.3m.. The thickness is 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm / 1.2 mm.

The product features are also very attractive. The European highway guardrail has good corrosion resistance, aging resistance and elegant appearance. It is also simple and fast to install. Can be widely applied to industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal administration, transportation and the like. In terms of marking, decoration, etc. The best characteristics are good filtering accuracy, high load strength and low cost.

The last knowledge of the European highway fence is the purpose. It is mainly used for the protection of both sides of expressways and railways, as well as airport, port or wharf safety protection areas. Isolation and protection of parks, zoos, roads and municipal buildings in residential areas.

The European highway fence brings many conveniences. It makes the road look neat. It changed our environment.

European highway fence

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