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Chain link fence installation

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The Chain link fence installation consists of placing the columns on the ground and connecting the fence to them. The pillars can be steel pipes, wood or concrete that can be driven underground or fixed in concrete. The ends, often referred to as "terminal posts", must be placed in the concrete foundation or otherwise fixed to prevent tilting under the tension of the stretched fence.

The columns placed between the terminal columns are called "pillars" and the spacing is set to no more than 10 feet. The installer installs the fence at one end, stretches it, and installs it at the other end, easily removing the excess by “unscrewing” the wire.

Finally, the installer uses a wire to attach the fence to the column. In many cases, the installer stretches the bottom tension line (sometimes referred to as a "coil line") between the terminal posts to help minimize the ingress and egress movement that occurs at the bottom of the link grid between the posts. Most chain rails use a top horizontal rail, but are not required. A bottom rail can be added instead of the bottom tension line, and for a higher fence of 10 feet or more, an intermediate horizontal rail is typically added.

Once stretched, the bottom line should be secured to the bobbin and the chain web "hooked" onto the center tension line 2'. People usually install such wires before installing the heavy duty galvanized chainlink fence.

Chain link fence installation

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