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The installation and Attentions of 3d Curved Wire Mesh

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The installation and Attentions of 3d Curved Wire Mesh:

1. When mesh and column of the 3d Curved Wire Mesh are delivered to the construction site, should check the bending of the column firstly, And should remove obvious deformation, roll edge, scratch the injured to clear the scene.

2. During the concrete foundation construction of 3d Curved wire mesh,The construction department shall release the foundation centerline in accordance with the requirements of the approved construction organization TRANBBS design and design drawings,In addition, necessary smoothing and cleaning shall be carried out on the site to ensure that the line shape after the installation of isolation grid is beautiful and straight,the size of the foundation pit and the spacing between the foundation pits must be inspected and approved by the supervision engineer before concrete pouring.

3. During the installation process of the column, the stability of the column must be ensured, and the connection with the foundation should be tight. If necessary, support can be installed to stabilize the column. During the installation of the column, the straightness of the installation of the small line to the column is detected, and the local adjustment is performed. Make sure that the straight line segment is straight and the curve segment is rounded. The depth of the column should meet the requirements of the design drawings. After the construction of the column is completed, the supervision engineer shall test the line shape, depth and height of the column, and check the stability of the foundation connection. After the requirements are met, the construction of the net can be carried out.

4. the mesh must be firmly connected with the column, the mesh surface is flat after installation, no obvious warpage and unevenness. After the construction of the isolation barrier is completed, the high-resident office will organize relevant personnel to check the quality of the fence network.

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