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Features and application range of 3d Curved Fence

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3d Curved Fence3d Curved Fence

Features and application range of 3d Curved Fence:

3D Curved Fence features: products with excellent performance use high-quality raw materials, and after special surface treatment, corrosion resistance is extremely high.Finished products enjoy ten to fifteen years of quality assurance.Easy installation, hook type protection net installation without special accessories, the use of push type installation, easy to hold, simple and fast, reduce the cost.

3D Curved Fence can be used with the door of the company, the appearance is neat, harmonious and unified.

Surface treatment technology of galvanized steel strip, steel wire + high electrostatic polyester coating adhesion, nearly two hundred kinds of colors and color selection of frosted surface treatment, fence installation (optional) directly buried installation, flange disc, a wall-mounted installation purposes can be widely used in road, industrial zone, municipal engineering, residential quarters, sports venues, airports, prisons and other various types of internal and boundary of external.

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