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welded mesh airport fence from Ava

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At present, many occasions with a barrier, such as the airport, the airport on the use of welded wire mesh is known as the "Y type safety defense net", this kind of fence is to use the welded wire mesh, airport fence netting is made up of v-shaped bracket pillar, strength strong, welded wire mesh, galvanized blade thorn cage combination and anti-theft security fittings, the safety of the airport fence defensive level is very high, the aim is to protect the safety of the airport.Airport guardrail net in addition to security requirements, but also with aesthetics, welding mesh has a very good aesthetics, welding mesh made of various design and color of the guardrail, beautiful shape, played the role of envelope and beautification.The airport guardrail network made of welded wire mesh has the outstanding characteristics of high safety performance and good anti-climbing performance.At the same time, the use of hot plating, electroplating, leaching, electroplating and other rust prevention, with a very good sun resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging characteristics.The main characteristics of electric welding mesh is with solid solder joint, reasonable structure, uniform mesh holes and other characteristics, the net surface formation, solid structure, integrity, with strong corrosion resistance, strength, strong protective ability.Airport guardrail is very important, in order to prevent man-made damage, welding mesh connection with the use of advanced special SBS fastening parts, transverse four bending reinforcement, so that the strength of the network surface significantly enhanced.The airport guardrail USES the electric welding net piece, finally achieved the safety, the beautiful these two big requirements.Welding mesh is the first choice for airport protection.The price is low and economical.Kill two birds with one stone.

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