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unit for use in flood-protection applications

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Hesco Barrier is one modern gabion which is made of welded mesh frame outside and heavy duty non-woven geotextile inside.

It is also named as defensive barrier,

barrier explosion-proof wall, hesco bastion, flood barrier,

blast wall, military bunker, hesco bag, multi-cellular defense barrier system, military barricades, military sand wall, hesco gabion, etc.


1. A pre-fabricated gabion of galvanized welded mesh steel fitted with a UV-protecting.

2. Polypropylene geo-textile liner.

3. Filling material is an easy- obtained mix of sand and small stones.

4. It can be used together to any length, and can be stacked for additional height.


1, Ends, diaphragms, front and back panels are placed upright on the bottom section of wire mesh.

2, Secure panels by screwing spiral binders through the mesh openings in adjacent panels.

3, Stiffeners shall be placed across the corners, at 300mm from the corner. Providing a diagonal bracing, and crimped over the line and cross wires on the front and side faces. None are needed in interior cells.

4, Gabion box filled with graded stone by hand or with a shovel.

5, After filling, close the lid and secure with spiral binders at the diaphragms, ends, front and back.

6, When stacking tiers of the welded gabion box, the lid of the lower tier may serve as the base of the upper tier. Secure with spiral binders and add pre-formed stiffeners to exterior cells before filling with graded stones,.

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