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the application of Gabion box

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High corrosion resistance, high strength, ductility of low carbon steel wire or coated with PVC steel wire from the use of mechanical woven, using the net made of the box structure is the stone cage.According to ASTM and EN standards, the diameter of low carbon steel wire used varies according to engineering design requirements.Generally between 2.0-4.0mm, the tensile strength of steel wire is not less than 38kg/m2, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245g/m2 stone cage mesh edge line diameter is generally larger than the wire diameter.The length of the twisted part shall not be less than 50mm to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the twisted part of the steel wire are not damaged.Stone cage net is used for a wide range of purposes, it is mainly used for river embankment reinforcement, guide the flow of water.Reinforce the embankment of the stone cage net, generally in the inside of the dam, mainly applied in the river flow rate is relatively rapid place, river erosion stone cage net, rather than directly erosion of the river bank, so as to reduce the damage to the river bank.

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