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security system airport fence with razor wire

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Airport fence

358 guardrail net is also called 358 Security Mesh Fencing.

358 Security Mesh Fencing is an exterior tall welding net, upside has pointed gill net, protective network cable for galvanized steel wire, PVC coated wire processing, in protecting and beautiful at the same time, to ensure the maximum level of strong and durable. "358 Security Mesh Fencing" whether in the performance, practical, or in the appearance of the extraordinary cost performance. Therefore, more emphasis on the practical requirements of security protection, more and more customers at home and abroad. The 358 guardrail network is called "358" because of its size of "3" x 0.5" x 8".

The 358 fence net is also known as the 358 Welded Mesh, collision fence, backclimbing fence, shear barrier,358 Prison Mesh Security Fencing.

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