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rock basket retaining wall

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Welded gabion mesh box 

1. The welded gabion mesh surface is smooth and tidy, mesh is uniform, solder joints are firm, and it has strong solidity, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity.


2. The welded stone cage net is low cost and easy to install. It is an ideal choice for garden decoration and slope protection greening.

3. Have strong ability to resist natural damage and resist bad weather.

4. Very good tensile resistance.

5. The welding stone cage net site installation is simple, quick and convenient and the structure is beautiful. It saves time and labor and has high work efficiency.

6. The welding gabion net installation man-hour saves 40% compared to the hexagonal gabion net. Compared with hexagonal gabion nets, welded gabion nets can be better maintained as "cagelike": When the fill is filled, the welded gabion mesh panels are not convex or concave, and remain flat, unlike the hexagonal gabion nets. Drum up so that it can better connect with other gabions or form a whole with the wall.

welded gabion box

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