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razor barded wire

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The razor sharp barbed hooks of the razor wire and the small distances between the blades provide an effective protection.

The razor barded wire is both a formidable physical barrier and an excellent psychological deterrent. So it protects from the vandals to vulnerable sites, which like jail, military, airdrome, high security border barrier.


Stainless steel razor wire, galvanized razor wire


Stainless steel razor barbed wire,

PVC coated razor barbed wire,

Electric galvanized razor barbed wire,

Hot dipped galvanized razor barbed wire.



1. High security

Barbed razor wire with the sharp razor guarantees a high security whilst retaining high quality.

2. Long life

Razor wire material of stainless steel or hot-galvanized makes sure for long life and low maintenance.

3. Easy installation

Short sections needed for urgent security can be installed extremely fast and with little equipment, allowing repairs to be carried out without compromising perimeter security.


The blade barbed wire, is a new type of protective net. With deterrent effect is good, construction convenience, beautiful, econmical and practical characteristics. Mainly used for military facilities, communication stations, power distribution stations, border line prison, garbage dump, community protection, schools,factories, farms and other security isolation.

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