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pool fence

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As a swimming pool protection facility, the swimming pool fence is not only a decoration function, but also a safety function, which is often overlooked. Many people install useful guardrails for decorative purposes. Sometimes the spacing between the railings is too large, and the height of the railings does not meet the standards. At the end, considering young children, poor judgment ability, they will use the railings to climb and climb. This leaves a hidden danger of insecurity. In order to ensure the safety function of the swimming pool, the following aspects should be paid attention to during construction:

(L) The fence must be installed firmly and not loose.

(2) The height of the fence should be determined strictly according to the specifications of the swimming pool.

(3) The distance between railings should not be greater than 130, so as to prevent children from falling out of between the railings.

Swimming pool fence-what are the materials of the fence?

1. Stainless steel swimming pool railings, presumably, stainless steel swimming pool handrails are commonly seen by everyone. Stainless steel swimming pool handrails are lightweight and have a long service life. Therefore, stainless steel swimming pool handrails are not only used in public places, but many people ’s homes also have Both use stainless steel swimming pool handrails.

2. Iron swimming pool railings, iron handrail pool handrails are more common, iron swimming pool handrails are generally used to create exotic styles. For example, in a European-style home environment, the use of iron swimming pool handrails is very suitable. The wrought-iron swimming pool handrail is easy to shape and requires a layer of paint on the outside to make it beautiful, but the service life of the wrought-iron swimming pool handrail is not as long as that of a stainless steel swimming pool.

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