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hot dip galvanized 8 ft height fixed knot deer wire mesh fence

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Field fence made of high quality carbon steel, is also called cattle fence or grassland fence. Field fences can be divided into fixed knot field fence and hinge joint fencing. With galvanized surface, they have good anti-corrosion effect. They are featured by the high strength, easy installation and long service life and widely used for fencing of various animals such as cattle, horse, sheep and deer. Besides, they also can be used with barbed wire or chicken wire for farm fencing, garden fencing, road fencing, forest fencing and so on.


Type Specification Weight(kgs) Top and Bottom Wire Dia. (mm) inner wire Dia.(mm)


102+114+127+140+152+178 19.3 2.5mm 2mm
8/150/813/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152 20.8 2.5mm 2mm
8/150/902/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178 21.6 2.5mm 2mm
8/150/1016/50 102+114+127+140+152+178+203 22.6 2.5mm 2mm
8/150/1143/50 114+127+140+152+178+203+229 23.6 2.5mm 2mm
9/150/991/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178 23.9 2.5mm 2mm
9/150/1245/50 102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 26 2.5mm 2mm
10/150/1194/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203 27.3 2.5mm 2mm
10/150/1334/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 28.4 2.5mm 2mm
11/150/1422/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 30.8 2.5mm 2mm
Note: The fence can be customized according to your required if above specification is not satisfied with you.


  • fixed knot fence

  • hinge joint fence

  • square deal knot fence

  • diamond mesh fence

  • woven wire fence

  • Widely Range Uses And Features

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