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hesco barriers

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Classification of explosion-proof walls

Reinforced concrete explosion-proof wall, steel plate explosion-proof wall, section steel explosion-proof wall, brick explosion-proof wall, flame-retardant explosion-proof wall, military special riot wall.

The reinforced concrete explosion-proof walls of reinforced concrete explosion-proof walls are tightly bound, and the wall thickness is usually 30 ~ 40cm. The buried depth of the thick wall base should be greater than 1m. The explosion-proof wall should be able to withstand an impact pressure of 3MPa. Explosion-proof walls or other barriers should be provided between the explosion-hazardous devices and those without explosion-hazards, and around the more dangerous equipment.

Other names: Explosion-proof wall Flood-proof wall Riot-proof wall

Collapse this section Explosion-proof wall design

1. The explosion-proof wall should be made of non-combustible materials, and should not be used as a load-bearing wall.

2. Explosion-proof wall can adopt reinforced brick wall. When there are more production personnel or more expensive equipment in adjacent rooms, cast-in-situ reinforced concrete walls should be used.

3. The thickness of the reinforced brick wall should be determined by structural calculations, but it should not be less than 240mm, the brick strength should not be lower than MU7.5, and the mortar strength should not be lower than M5.

Structural reinforcement: horizontal steel bars with a length of 3Φ6-10 are arranged every 500mm along the height of the wall, and both ends of the bars should be bundled or welded with reinforced concrete frames or columns. When the length and height of the brick wall is greater than 6m, reinforced concrete intermediate columns and beams shall be provided and reinforced according to the structure. The strength level of concrete should not be lower than C15, and its ends should be connected with roof beams, frames, and columns; the thickness of reinforced concrete explosion-proof walls should not be less than 180mm, the strength level of concrete should not be less than C20, and the cross-sectional area of steel bars shall be determined by structural calculation; Holes should not be left on explosion-proof walls. When process pipes, cables, etc. must pass through, the holes should not be larger than Φ200mm, reinforcement bars should be arranged around the holes, and the holes should be filled tightly.

Application area of explosion proof wall

Explosion-proof walls can be widely used in surrounding security and defense walls, equipment revetments, search areas for explosives and contraband, ammunition compounds, personnel and material bunkers, observation points, defensive firing positions, highway checkpoints, border checkpoints

Protection of existing structures, highway traffic management, flood control, river channels, emergency flood control deployment, erosion control retaining walls

Explosion-proof wall characteristics

Easy to handle and install

High strength and impact resistance

Long life, normal use

Can be filled with sand, cement, stone, dirt.

Industry application classification

1. Military security explosion-proof wall

2. Three-dimensional fortification explosion-proof wall

3. Explosion-proof wall of training base

4. Explosion-proof wall of field material warehouse

5.Explosion-proof wall in field camp

6. Explosion-proof wall of dangerous goods warehouse

7. Explosion-proof wall of chemical plant

8. Explosion-proof wall of oil refinery

9. Explosion-proof wall of firecracker factory

10. Explosion-proof wall of storage

11, barracks barracks explosion-proof wall

12. Flood protection flood wall

13. Urban flood wall

14. Emergency Flood Control Wall

15.Landslide prevention facilities

16. Mobile fences of factory buildings

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