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gabion box Ava

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Keystone cage net and stone cage net specifications, production is basically the same, but its outer formation of ladder shape. Keystone cage nets are cages made of angled nets (hexagonal nets) woven from metal wire, and the trapezoidal cage nets are not much different from the usual stone cage cages. Material. The metal diameter used varies depending on the size of the hexagonal. If it is a metal coating of metal wire hexagon, then use a wire diameter of 2.0mm 4.0mm metal wire, if PVC-coated metal wire woven hexagon mesh, the outer diameter of 3.0mm 4.0mm PVC metal) wire, the outer frame edge of the wire is used than hexagonal wire one wire. 

    Provides a sufficient flowing water area, and the trapezoidal rock cage net is permeable. A gap between the stones in the net. Reduce fluid static pressure without special drainage and crack-prone concrete units. Wind and waves in the place to do protection works, there are pores between the stones, so that the wind and waves hit the net mat, the role of the wind and waves is greatly resolved, the vacuum suction force generated when the wind and waves recede is also destroyed, can effectively achieve the effect of protection.

    It is beneficial to realize the natural exchange between water and soil, the pores in the trapezoidal rock cage net and net mat invent the condition for the flow of water. Filling pores by artificial laying of soil layers or natural accumulation of soil, for the greening, vegetation invented conditions, even if not seeded, will naturally grow plants, to achieve optimization, beautification of the environment, improve and restore the ecological environment。

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