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gabion basket box from-Ava

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Galvanized welded wire mesh is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then cold-plated (electroplated), hot-plated, PVC coated, etc. 4. Good local machining performance, stable, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion.

Product Features: Stainless steel welded wire mesh is welded with high-quality stainless steel wire. It has more acid resistance, alkali resistance, strong welding, beautiful appearance, and wide use.

Product use: Welded wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, breeding, construction, transportation, mining and other aspects. Such as machine protective covers, animal and animal fences, flower and tree fences, window fences, aisle fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and home office food baskets, paper baskets and decoration.

Production process: This product uses high-quality low-carbon iron wire, and is formed by spot welding processing using automated, precise and accurate mechanical equipment. The surface treatment is based on zinc dipping process. It is produced by conventional British standard. , Even if it is locally cut or under pressure, it will not loosen. It is the strongest anti-corrosion performance in the whole iron screen, and it is also one of the most widely used nets in the iron screen. The high quality anti-corrosion makes it It is favored in the breeding industry. The smooth and tidy net surface increases the look and feel and can play a certain decorative role. This feature also makes it perform in the mining industry. Due to the use of low-carbon high-quality materials as raw materials, it The unique general iron screen does not have flexibility, which determines its plasticity during use, so it can be used for deep processing and manufacturing of hardware technology, batch wall of complex walls, underground leak-proof and crack-proof, lightweight net. It makes the cost much lower than the cost of the iron screen, and it can better understand its economy and benefits.

The current construction industry is in an era of rapid development, and the technology is closely following the changes of the times. The various budget costs in the project construction are also rising, and the construction unit's construction period is also being squeezed. The generation of building mesh replaces the traditional manual strapping steel bar technology, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Reduced engineering costs. The characteristics of the building mesh are: industrial production, quality assurance, convenient construction, time and labor saving, and shortening the construction period. In the application again and again, the building mesh has been used more and more widely.

The construction mesh has a great competitive advantage in the construction industry. In summary, there are the following points:

1. Save material. The building mesh has high strength, so it can save nearly 30% of steel in engineering applications compared with general and steel. This is particularly important in the modern era of scarce resources.

2. Construction mesh construction is convenient and of good quality. Architectural meshes are produced in the factory according to the drawing drawings, and paved on site. Compared with traditional manual tying, the construction mesh can ensure the quality of the project and shorten the construction period.

3. The production and construction of building meshes are based on the "Specifications for the Skills of Layout of Reinforced Welded Mesh Concrete," which guarantees the production quality of building meshes.

4. Many wire mesh manufacturers' dedicated production and perfect production technology are the most direct driving force for the implementation of building mesh.

5. It is beneficial to avoid the occurrence of concrete cracks and reduce the cracks on the concrete surface. The mesh size of the building mesh is very neat and the elasticity is very good. When the concrete is irrigated, the steel bar is not easy to bend, deform and slip. Reduce some engineering quotes.

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