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field fence from Ava

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Grassland netting, also known as bullpen netting, is widely used in the Americas and Europe to protect the ecological balance, prevent landslides, animal husbandry fences, especially in rainy mountainous areas. Sewing a layer of sunscreen 120g nylon woven cloth to prevent mud Outflows develop rapidly.

  1. Weft pitch: 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm; 2. Warp pitch: any size not less than 5.0cm; 3. Net height: any size not more than 2.0 meters; 4. Net length: 50 meters, 100 Meter.

  2. The structure is novel, strong and precise, the net is flat, the mesh is uniform, the integrity is strong, the toughness is large, not close together, non-slip, anti-compressive and other characteristics are widely used: zoo fence, construction site fence, captive poultry, slope greening, garden greening Nets, safari parks, grasslands, pastures, and other fenced grazing and captive places, especially for pasture fence projects, can play a very important role in achieving alternate grazing and protecting grasslands, and can also be used in precious flowers, forests, plantation parks, etc. Isolation protection.

  3. The construction of grasslands in pastoral areas can enclose the grasslands and implement fixed-point grazing, and grazing in columns. Facilitate the planned use of pasture resources, effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, prevent pasture degradation, and protect the natural environment. At the same time, it is also applicable to set up family farms with farming and animal husbandry professionals to set up border guards, farmland border fences, forest nurseries, closed hills and forests, enclosures of tourist and hunting areas, and isolation and maintenance of building sites.

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