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control barrier

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The center fence of the road sidewalk fence is made of galvanized material with better water resistance. It can also be called urban traffic fence, municipal fence, galvanized plastic spray fence according to custom. It is beautiful and novel, easy to install, and good price. You can choose the height and color. It is suitable for the isolation of urban traffic arteries, middle green belts of highways, secondary highways, township highways, and highway toll gates.The central side fence of the road sidewalk fence can also be made into solar anti-glare fence, billboard road fence, municipal road fence, sidewalk fence, mobile and non-motor fence, road center fence, and other municipal road fences. Jinyinfeng manufacturers are well-equipped, and the fences produced are complete in specifications and varieties, bright in color and smooth in feel, diverse in style and rich in color, beautiful and generous in style, and can be customized according to requirements. The user can customize the processing according to the needs. The following road central fences and sidewalk fences can be used as a reference. For specific requirements styles and sizes, you can directly contact Henan Xinxiang Jinyinfeng Manufacturer to discuss the order.


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