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airport fence

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The airport purse is mainly used for V-shaped brackets, reinforced welded nets, safety anti-theft joints and hot-dip galvanized burrs. The strength and safety defensive level are very high.

In recent years, it has been widely used in high security places such as airports and military bases. Note: If the blade is added at the top of the airport fence, the blade will strengthen the safety protection after the barbed wire. Electroplating, hot plating, Spraying, dipping and other anti-corrosion forms, with good anti-aging, anti-sun, weathering and other characteristics. Its products are beautiful in appearance, diverse in color, not only play a role in the fence, but also beautify the role. Because of its high security, anti-defense The climbing ability is good, the mesh connection method adopts the special SBS fastening member, which effectively prevents the artificial destructive disassembly, and the four transverse bending ribs make the mesh strength increase significantly.

High quality low carbon steel wire.

Weaving method:

Prepared by welding.

Surface treatment:

Electroplating, hot plating, spray coating, dip coating.


1. It has the characteristics of beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and installation.

2. To adapt the terrain to the terrain during installation, the connection position with the column can be adjusted up and down with the ground;

3. Adding four bending ribs in the horizontal direction of the airport fence net, while increasing the overall cost, the mesh strength and aesthetics are significantly increased, which is one of the most popular at home and abroad.

The main purpose:

Airport closure, private area, military heavy land, field fence, development zone isolation network.

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