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Woven mesh gabion baskets supplier

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As a woven mesh gabion baskets supplier, we knoe that gabion baskets are manufactured from a mesh that has a hexagonal opening which is formed by twisting pairs of wire together with one and a half turns (sometimes referred to as triple or double twist). For this type of gabion baskets, continuous production is allowed. In order to form a panel, the mesh is bent horizontally on the fabric, and the cutting ends of the thread are wound on the heavy wire mesh for gabion baskets to form an edge end. The device is made of a main panel, which forms the front part, base, rear cover and cover plate of the unit. The attached panel is connected to the base of the main panel to form a diaphragm and end plate.


There are three wires. Mesh wire;Side wire/Selvage wire; Tie wire/Twisted pair. Most of the gabion basket is made of 2.7mm wire diameter, and the coating is galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and PVC coated.

mesh size


(1) economy ,sealed the stones in cages.

(2) the structure is simple and the process is simple.

(3) it has strong resistance to natural corrosion and weatherability.

(4) it can withstand large deformation without collapse.

(5) the sludge in the cage is conducive to plant growing and can be combined with the surrounding natural environment.

(6) it has good permeability and prevents static hydraulic damage.

(7) save transportation cost and fold, transport and assemble on the construction site.

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