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Woven gabion basket

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1. Gabion box wire mesh Applications
      Control and guide of water or flood
      Flood bank or guiding bank
      Prevention of rock breaking
      Water and soil protection
      Bridge protection
      Strengthening structure of soil
      Protection engineering of seaside area
      Seaport engineering
      Isolation walls
      Protection of road

 2. Gabion Box wire mesh  Features
   1) Economic. Just put the stone into the gabion and seal.
    2) Easily construct, no special technology needed.
    3)Strong capacity of withstand nature destroy, rust-resistance and atrocious weather resistance.
    4) Affording Large scale distortion, but never be defeated.
    5) The slit between the mesh and stone is good for the growth, which can be the part of the environment

3. Gabions are mainly made of four types of materials:

     1) Galvanized steel wire: 
        tensile strength and zinc coating can making as client's request.. 

     2)  galfan steel : ( Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed mishmash alloy steel wire)
         A new kind of material appearing recently with corrosion resistance 3 times of traditional galvanized.     
     3) Galvanized steel wire with plastic coating
        Excellent low-carbon steel with PVC or PE protective coating on the surface
        Different colors can making as client's request..

     4) Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed alloy steel wire: 

4.  Gabion Box wire mesh specification:

Hole size
Length(m)Width(m)Height(m)Diaphragm quantity
60 x 80 mm

80 x 100 mm

80 x 120 mm

90 x 110 mm

100 x 120 mm

110 x 130 mm

120 x 150 mm


Another size can be making as request.

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