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Wire mesh for gabion wall manufacturer

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A 3 mm wire mesh for gabion wall is suitable when the flexibility of the unit is required (eg, an erosion control structure). For structural projects from 2 m to 3 m high, a wire mesh for gabion wall diameter of 3 mm is usually required. However, if the filling of the unit is not manually filled on the surface of the structure, some deflection may occur. To improve the quality of the mounting and alignment, a heavier mesh can be used to specify the unit in a 4mm or 5mm line. For structural projects from 3 m to 6 m high, there is usually a 3 mm wire diameter of sufficient 4 mm or 5 mm wire mesh. For structures above 6m, it is recommended to use 5mm wire for the lower part and 4mm for the upper part. For professional applications, such as architectural finishes, high quality construction is required with a minimum wire diameter of 4 mm.


Helical Connectors

Helical connectors for assembly and erection of gabions.

Provide consistent joint quality.

The cutting end line of the plate is enclosed within the helix to ensure that (health and safety) problems are reduced. Provided as an add-on to the standard Gabon. Provides standards for the HY-10 700 Gabon system (vertical joint).

Wire mesh for gabion wall

Lacing, Assembly and Installation

When a structure requires more than one garnet layer to be stacked on top of each other, the internal connection line. The internal cable with wire drawing should connect the exposed side of the battery to the opposite side of the battery. The internal connection prefabricated ribs should connect the exposed side of the battery to the adjacent side of the battery. The prefabricated ribs are mounted at 45° of the face/side of the unit, extending an equal distance along each side to support (approximately 1 foot (300 mm)). The exposed face is either side of the gabion battery that will be exposed or unsupported after the structure is completed. Galvanized steel ring fasteners can replace or supplement wire ropes.

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