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Wire mesh for gabion baskets

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Gabion is a square metal mesh basket filled with stone in an engineering site to form a flexible, permeable, integral structure, such as commercial, industrial and road engineering retaining walls. The cages mainly depend on the interlocking of individual stones and rocks in the metal mesh to maintain internal stability.

Gabion basket is made of twisted pair and six angle braided net. The wire mesh for gabion baskets used to make stone cage baskets is made of soft and heavy galvanized steel. When applied, it can also be used to extrude PVC coating for additional corrosion protection. The double twisting of the woven wire mesh provides integrity, strength and continuity for the structure and prevents any accidental damage by increasing the non tearing effect. Wire drawing is used to assemble and interconnect empty units and close and secure stone filling units. Once assembled, the gabion basket is filled with durable stones.

 Gabion basket

Gabion Baskets are also used for erosion control for bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.  Assembly is easy, requiring no specialized labour and they are easy to install. They are ideal for any situation where a retaining structure is required which is also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Since Gabion baskets are permeable, they integrate and adapt in harmony with their surroundings, allowing environmental growth and preservation.

connection between panels

Advantages of stone cage baskets

1. uniform weatherproof lacquer lacquer

2. rapier is made of braided steel wire, it is a kind of common rapier fabric.

3. flexible and breathable structure

4. Its normal availability in a linear, one size and one grid size.

5. tolerance of differential settlement

6, all chain chain rollers are complete linear lines and joint edges.

7. Easy to install

8. the increase of the spines (protruding) edges, that is, the safety of fencing, and the availability of gamma.

9. No special work is needed for installation.

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