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Wire fence mesh

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The barbed wire fence mesh is equipped with a razor blade and a razor wire on the top of the Y-shaped frame to enhance the safety protection performance. The wire fence mesh adopts anti-corrosion forms such as electroplating, hot-plating, spray coating and dip-coating, and has good anti-aging, anti-sun and anti-corrosion characteristics. The barbed wire fence mesh are beautiful in appearance and diverse in color, which not only plays a role in fences, but also plays a role in beautification.

Due to wire mesh high safety and anti-climbing ability, the wire fence mesh connection method adopts special SBS fasteners, which effectively prevents artificial destructive disassembly and laterally bends the reinforcing ribs, so that the strength of the wire  mesh surface is significantly increased.

Barbed wire fence mesh material: use high quality low carbon steel wire.

Wire mesh specifications: welding with 5.0mm high strength low carbon steel wire.

Barbed wire fence mesh: 50mmX100mm, 50mmX200mm.

3d Curved Wire Mesh Fence 3

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