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Wire Mesh Fence

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Barbed wire fences can also be called: Dutch wire mesh fence, cowshed wire mesh fence, barbed wire, fenced barbed wire, etc. It is drawn from the wire into a thin wire (cold wire) and then welded with a large welding machine (commonly called a metal mesh sheet. It is connected to a variety of different columns. It forms a barbed wire fence with a beautiful appearance and high protection performance. Due to its Excellent characteristics, Wire fence is widely used to protect highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons, breeding, orchard protection.


Advantages of wire mesh fence:

1, wire fence is convenient transportation, practical, beautiful, simple installation. 2, good anti-destructive performance, stainless steel, pretty appearance, wide field of view, easy installation, bright and easy to handle. 3, proper bending, the unique aesthetic effect of this product, the surface of the wire fence can be painted in various colors, the color of the column and the mesh is more pleasing to the eye, and the use of this product with the chassis column, the installation only needs to lay the expansion bolt, which is very fast.

Application of Barbed wire fence:

Railway closed network, living area fence, wild perimeter fence, development zone isolation network, power plant, garden, community and many other fields.

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