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Wholesale Modern Wrought Iron Steel Used PVC Fence Panels Black

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Zinc steel guardrail Is made of zinc alloy material used in different areas, with different functional palisade fence, due to its late is processed by electrostatic spraying, surface layer is made with high strength, high hardness, and the advantages of beautiful shape, colour and lustre bright-coloured, residential area, factory schools, such as road traffic use of mainstream products. 

The traditional guardrail uses iron bar material, which needs the help of welding and other technology, and the texture is soft, easy to rust, and the color is single. Zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcomings of traditional guardrail, and the price is moderate, and becomes the alternative product of traditional guardrail materials.

Zinc steel balcony guardrail (height 800-1200mm) balcony guardrail, protective window, stair handrail, fence, garden fence, shutter, air conditioning fence, road guardrail Fence is divided into: A type four bar with double flower, B type three bar with A flower, C type three bar, D type two bar, E type curved arc, F type non-standard fencewrought iron fence12

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