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Wholesale 3D curved welded wire mesh fence

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    3D curved mesh fence is made of welded wire mesh. Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and galvanized steel wire are the major material of fence. Combined with the post, it will be one set complete 3D curved mesh fence. Because of the V-shaped bend curves, so, this kind products called 3D curved wire mesh fence. With the modern and charming look, the 3D curved mesh fence is more and more popular in the market.


    3D curved mesh fences are widely used in the protection zone, such as highway and railway bridge, Airports, ports, terminals security, park, lawn, zoo, pool lake, roads, and residential isolation, private houses, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment protective. For the beautiful looking, the 3D curved mesh fence can adjust the color on the surface. According to clients’ inquiry, we can produce the goods with colored PVC coated surface treatment. Many colors can choose for customers.


    There are different specification of welded wire mesh panels and posts, which are the two important parts of 3D curved mesh fence. We have our standard specification of hole size, wire diameter, width and length of panel, PVC coated color, the shape of post, the outside diameter of post. Of course, the customized specification can be produced.


    More importantly, our products have the property of environment friendly. The PVC coated with high quality and no toxic. We also have the ISO, CE certification to prove the quality of our 3D curved mesh fence. 

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