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What is Prestige wire mesh fence

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Prestige wire mesh fence

Prestige wire mesh fence, also called decorative pyramid fence, is a special twin wire fence. Compared with other wire mesh fences, the most prominent advantage of the prestige wire mesh fence is decoration. Its surface treatment can be RAL coating, PVC coating, galvanized and powder coating.

As a rigid welded mesh panel fence, prestige wire mesh fence has high rigidity. It can resist impact and has little deformation. Because of the surface treatment, prestige wire mesh fence can be protected from corrosion and aging. There are various colors can be chosen, such as green, red, black. Generally speaking, it is a high rigidity and decorative product.

Prestige wire mesh fence is mainly used for road green belt, administrative building district, school perimeter, park perimeter, residential area, pedestrian zone, industrial premises and sport field. It can perfectly integrate with the surrounding environment.

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