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Welding mesh gabion wholesale

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Depending on the material, welded gabion can be divided into galvanized welded gabions, PVC coated gabions and Galfan gabions.

Galvanized welded gabion

Galvanized welded gabions are the most common type of application. The thick zinc coating has excellent corrosion and rust resistance and is resistant to weather, chemicals and other aggressive elements.

PVC coated gabion

The PVC coating makes the welded gabion colorful and blends in with the surrounding environment. The common color of welded gabion is green, and if you need other colors, we will customize them for you.

Galfan welded gabions

 In terms of chemical composition, the surface of the steel wire has 5% aluminum and other zinc coatings. This provides double protection for the welded gabion. When the welded gabion is corroded by salt and rain, it forms an oxide film to protect the product. Although the color is not brighter than before, the corrosion resistance is the same as before.

welding mesh gabion

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