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Welding mesh gabion manufacturer

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Welded wire mesh gabion baskets should be made of a hard-drawn wire that forms a two-axis grid by electrically welding the cross lines at each intersection. The welding strength should be 70% of the ultimate tensile strength of the wire.

Welded wire mesh gabion baskets will assemble stainless steel clips at the factory (at least one of every three meshes) to connect the panel and back panel to the backplane and attach the cover to the panel when needed.

Welded A-frames with a maximum width of 1.0 m shall be manufactured in the required shape (one frame per 0.686 m unit for on-site installation).

welded wire mesh gabion baskets

Production Process

1. The first wire is made into a wire mesh, and then the cutting piece is processed according to customer requirements.

2, cutting wire mesh panels, through manual edge fixing and assembly operations, each piece requires manual review to ensure product quality.

3, according to customer requirements for machine packaging, clean and practical.

4, operating characteristics: directly into the stone, you can use.

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