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Welded wire mesh gabion baskets exporter

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As a welding mesh gabion manufacturer, we know that the welded wire mesh gabion baskets are made of wire mesh fabric. This wire mesh container is uniformly welded and can be supplied in various sizes.

Welded wire mesh gabion baskets can be joined to other similar containers and filled with stones to form a flexible, permeable structure for retaining river banks and soil.

welded wire mesh gabion baskets

The steel wire used to make the welded mesh cage is a cold drawn high strength steel zinc coating.

Advantages: Gypsum made of welded wire fabric has a higher strength than braided wires, while they have similar flexibility.

Features of welded wire mesh gabion baskets :

1. Flexible structure, adapt to slope changes without being damaged, and have better safety and stability than rigid structures.

2. Anti-erosion ability, can withstand a maximum flow rate of up to 6m / s

3. The structure has basic permeability. The natural effect of groundwater filtration effect is very inclusive. The suspension of water suspended matter and sludge fills the gap, which is conducive to the natural growth of plants and gradually restore some of the original ecological environment.

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