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Welded wire mesh fence accessories

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Welded wire mesh fence accessories are hardware fittings that play a important role in the installation of various fences. Welded wire mesh fence accessories are mainly used in: balcony welded wire mesh fence, stair railing, road traffic welded wire mesh fence, welded wire mesh fence, fence, blinds and security windows. The main role is to fix, connect and decorate.

How to purchase welded wire mesh fence accessories

Firstly, look at the fixed fittings used to fasten the steel wire in the welded wire mesh fence fittings: This is the hub that determines the quality of the invisible protective nets that our welded wire mesh fence accessories industry has. There are two main types of welded wire mesh profiles in the market: plastic fixed pieces and self-tapping screws. As for the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods, customers believe that they have their own judgment.

Secondly, look at the thickness of the profile: welded wire mesh profile aluminum alloy fixing material to fix and support the steel wire, to withstand the huge tensile force of the steel wire, its thickness determines the strength of the entire invisible protective net, is an important parameter. Good invisible protective mesh aluminum alloy,the thickness of the profile should be above 2mm, and the weight of a single (6m long) profile (without fixed fittings) should be above 2.21kg.

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