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Welded wire gabion walls factory

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The welded wire mesh gabion wall is a rectangular cage made of hexagonal double-twisted nets filled with appropriately sized rocks or quarries.

The welded wire mesh gabion wall were subdivided into units by inserting a baffle having a grid plate having the same characteristics as the outer side, and the baffles were spaced apart from each other by 1 m to provide structural strength and facilitate rapid construction thereof.

The galvanized wire can be coated with a 0.5 mm thick special PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating prior to weaving. This extra coating provides comprehensive corrosion protection in the ocean or in heavily polluted environments.

Welded wire mesh gabion walls are used in many situations, including stabilization of earthmoving and erosion, river control, reservoirs, canal renovation, landscaping and retaining walls. They can be made from welded mesh or braided wire.

Gabions are separate rectangular containers of stone-filled galvanized steel hexagonal grids. While maintaining sufficient strength to accommodate the stone used as the filler, the stone cage must be able to settle, twist and conform to changes in the passage and foundation. In order to meet various needs, welded wire mesh gabion wall must have the following characteristics:

Hexagon grid pattern critical point

Double distortion to avoid spreading

Strengthen the wire into a corner to strengthen the key points

The diaphragm is firmly fixed to the base to prevent some diaphragms from moving and reinforcing the gabion.

welded wire mesh gabion wall

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