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Welded double wire fence/pvc coated or galvanized fence

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Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence belongs to a type of rigid but unobtrusive mesh fencing system. It is commonly applied as a perimeter fence in industry, sports ground, or commercial premises where a strong mesh fencing system is required.


Basically speaking, the double wire fence is mainly composed of panel, post, and fastenings, etc. The panel adopts high-quality iron rod as its raw material. The welded panel after being galvanized can effectively resist corrosion as well as ultraviolet radiation. Usually square post (50*50mm, 60*60mm) or rectangular post (80*60*2.5mm, 120*60*3mm) of high strength will be chosen by the double wire fence. And the surface treatment adopts galvanizing or powder coating. On the part of the fastenings, the panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets, using the steel flat bar or special steel clamps.

Application of Double Wire Fence:

Double wire fences are used for fencing most industrial sites, sporting fields, multi games areas ,protection of schools and nurseries, Corporate or college campuses, housing projects, healthcare or research facilities ;Airports, parking facilities, commercial and industrial properties; Pools, amusement parks, tennis courts, public parks and playgrounds ;Overpasses and parking structure ,residential areas. Double wire fences are used more and more by domestic clients and authorities, as boundaries around playing fields, parks and living areas.

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