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Welded Gabions

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The surface upon which gabions are to be laid shall be trimmed to line and level and compacted to a minimum dry density of 93% . Where required, a foundation trench shall be excavated along the toe of the revetment or wall, to the dimensions indicated on the Drawings or specified.

The assembly and installation of gabions shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, subject to the Engineer's approval. Joints shall be stitched together with 600 mm minimum lengths of binder wire, with at least one stitch per 50 mm, and each end of the wire shall be fixed with at least two turns upon itself. Adjacent gabions shall be stitched together with binder wire along all touching edges.

Sufficient connecting wires shall be tensioned between the vertical sides of all the outer visible cells, to prevent the deformation of cages as they are filled with stone. The corners of gabion cages shall be securely tied together to provide a uniform surface, and ensure that the structure does not resemble a series of blocks or panels.

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