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The product introduction of Zinc steel fence

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The wall fence network adopts the assembled overall frame structure, which is conducive to the construction and the installation is convenient and fast.The connection between the screen and the column adopts the semi-round head square neck bolt, equipped with anti-theft washer, which can prevent the artificial disassembly;Suitable for mass production, road or park, community fence, fence fence

General high specification:

1. Wire diameter: 3.0-3.5mm;

2. Grid: 50mm X 50mm;

3. Column: 80X 2mm;

4. Column spacing :2.5m--3m;

5. Height :1.2m --3.5m;

6. Steel tube frame: 40mm.Degree less than 2 meters, can be in harmony with the natural environment.


1. Suitable for mass standardized production;

2. Quick installation and less labor;

3. Beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment.


Used for the beautification and protection of roads, communities, factories and parks.

Anticorrosive treatment:

Anti-rust primer +** metal paint product color bright anti-aging anti-corrosion specifications complete, flat mesh surface, strong tension, not easy to be affected by external forces deformation

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