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The knowledge of 358 High Security Fencing

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"358" comes from its mesh size of 3" × 0.5", 8 refers to its silk number, converted to mm is 4mm, so 358 guardrail size is 76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4mm.(hole length × hole height × filament diameter).

358 security fence mesh is narrow, not easy to be through objects, such a small mesh with traditional manual tools it is difficult to cut.Even difficult to climb, is recognized as the most difficult to break through one of the barriers, so called security guardrail, also become high strength guardrail.The mesh of 358 guardrail partial also can use bend form, enhance beautiful result.

And 3510 guardrail has a variety of 358 guardrail characteristics, its main advantages are strength, light quality.Replacing 4mm wire with 3mm wire provides better visibility and is cheaper and more widely used.The 3510 safety barrier is an ideal choice for commercial applications because of its light weight and low price.

Anti-creep: the mesh is too narrow to penetrate fingers or toes.

Shear proof: high strength wire and dense mesh make cutting tools difficult to cut.

High strength: superior welding technology makes the welding spot dense, plus the thick wire diameter, make the overall safety of the guardrail greatly improved.

Anticorrosive treatment: there are two ways of hot dip galvanized and coated plastic.

The color of plastic coating is mainly green and black, and can be customized into any color.

Column form:

Mainly square column, the base with cement support bolt riveting.


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