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The application of grassland fence

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Grassland fence net mesh size smaller I fence factory can do 5 * 10 cm, 1.0 1.8 meters height, the length can be customized, hot dip galvanized steel wire diameter 1.8 3 mm, grassland fence net a professional highway gelizha price small mesh size is suitable for high-end customers purchase, common braiding WangWeiLan grassland net price is higher than the market, is the pursuit of quality and long use life of optimization of customer specifications.Currently, fence net manufacturers usually make steppe fence with a diameter of 1.8-2.0mm, according to the size specifications required by end users or screen mesh distribution points opening stores in other places, which are suitable for mass customers with low price and objective sales volume.

The small mesh size of the grassland fence can effectively prevent small animals from passing through the grass seeds and seedlings in the grassland, effectively protect the grassland environment, and play a protective role in the enclosure and environmental restoration of the whole pastoral area.

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