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The Company introduction

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Anping giant highway guardrail network carried out the "One Belt And One Road" strategic transformation, the results were affirmed

As China guardrail network product manufacturing representative enterprises, anping giant highway guardrail network brand value increased year by year, in the transformation and upgrading of the continuous quality products market share, and the product to the overseas market "go out", develop more market heights.

Relying on strong scientific research strength, anping giant product transformation and upgrading.In the enterprise transformation and upgrading at the same time, the giant fence network of various main products to maintain the market forefront.Company guardrail network, highway guardrail network, municipal guardrail network series of products market share to maintain the forefront of the industry.

At present, the country is to promote innovation-driven strategy and strategy of "2025" made in China, the giant hulanwang seize this opportunity, in-depth implementation of the "4.0" project, in order to "spirit" to promote spectrum optimization, the modular design and the research of intelligent aiming at "technology, quality, cost, service" four aspects do to further improve product quality and market competitiveness.

In addition, in terms of internal strength improvement, in recent years, anping giant aims to cultivate "top skilled", "skilled" and "versatile" employees, and implements the "golden and blue" plan.

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