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T post 101

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metal fence T post has large anchor plate that is secured with three compressed studs, the studs along the T post are evenly distributed to keep your fencing wire from slipping.

metal fence T postare built to be reliable fencing option, each T post comes with 5 clips per post.

metal fence T post fit for market: is mainly for American, Italy, France, Canada, Russia, etc.

metal fence T post type: Punched, studded, with spade or without spade.


The t-posts made from high-strength steel and coated with green or orange high-gloss, lead-free baked enamel paint.Painted T-posts are an economical alternative to galvanized T-posts in less-corrosive environments and are ideal for smooth or barbed wire fences.


The green or silver painted T-postis made of high quality carbon steel and be widely used in gardens, farms, pastures, vineyards, safety, industrial parks etc.

The T-post is treated by shot blasting, straightening firstly and then painted by advanced painting equipment to make the surface beautiful and glossy. This kind of T fence post is more popular in European market just like France, Italy, Russia, Germany, UK and so on due to the properties of good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, nice appearance, easy and quick installation.

10 FT T Post5

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