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Steel Mesh Used For A Chain Link Fence

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These are three ways that chain link is typically designed to be weather-resistant:

• Galvanizing: This is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron in order to prevent rusting. The steel parts are submerged in a vat of molten zinc (called hot-dip galvanizing). Typically protects the steel from rusting for 10-15 years.

• Powder coating: This type of coating is applied as a dry powder, usually in a process called electrostatic application. The coating is then allowed to dry under heat, which allows it to form a kind of “skin”.

Chain link is a popular fence option, is inexpensive compared to pvc or aluminum, and able to offer the highest amount of security out of the four main fence types. There are a number of accessories and modifications that can be applied to chain link depending on customer needs. Barbed wire strands can be added to the top of the fence (not legal in all areas) for added security. Tension wire can be added to the bottom of the fence to prevent the wire from swaying back and forth and create a stronger bottom barrier, especially for keeping pets that like to dig in the yard.


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