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Spar Picket

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Y posts also named as Spar Picket, Star Post, Metal Picket, Steel Post, Steel Picket, Fence Post, etc are widly used in installing Field fence and other fence prodictions such as cattle fence,sheep netting fence and game fence.

  In cross-section they form a three-pointed star, about 10 cm in diameter. One end is pointed so the steel post can be more easily hammered into the ground, and the other end is flat to suit the hammer. Holes are pre-drilled along the length of the post to allow wires to be attached to the picket for fixing to Temporary Fence, Barrier Mesh etc.


To hammer them into the ground use a star picket driver which is a section of steel pipe, closed at one end, which is put over the picket like a sleeve. This is far more convenient than swinging a hammer. You can purchase these ready-made, weighted and with handles, at any store selling rural supplies



Y post with spade or without spade


From 0.83bl/feet to 1.33bl/feet


From 5feet to 8 feet or according to customer’s requirement


Greenpowder coated with tip or yellow tip/pvc coated/hot dipped galvanized


Y post is widely used in USA for gardens and farms


5pcs/bundle,40 bundles/pallet,80 bundles/pallet


1, It is compared with the same section size of the ordinary steel, the mechanical and physical performance of the increase rate of more than 30%;

2, Beautiful appearance, easy to use, low price;

3, It is directly with the pile driver is buried in, does not damage vegetation, after a number of years can also recycling, in line with the requirements of the national environmental protection, is environmentally friendly products.

4, Anti-theft performance is good, because it is a special product, no other use, it is not easy to be stolen.

5, It is our country is currently being used in common angle steel column, cement product column and bamboo products column of the upgrading of products.


· Star Shaped Steel Fence Posts

· Long lasting and re-usable

· Bitumen coated to inhibit rusting

· Suitable for supporting silt fence, barrier mesh and rural fencing

· Posts come in packs of 10



200 or 400pcs/steel pallet

or as per customer's requirement



1. Posts for protective wire mesh fencing of expressway & railway;

2. Wire mesh fence posts for security fencings of beach farming, fish farming and salt farm;

3. Wire mesh fence posts for security of forestry and forestry source protection;

4. Fencing posts for isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources;

5. Fencing posts for gardens, road and houses.

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