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Sliding gate

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Heavy Duty Rollers: 

The heavy duty roller fits between the gate and the guide posts..

V-Track The galvanized "V" Track can either be anchor-bolted to an existing driveway or set in concrete while pouring a new grade beam. The gate rolls open and closed on this track so it must be twice as long as the gap opening the gate is securing.

Frame Extension

The Slider Frame Extension is what allows the Slider Guide to hold the gate upright in the closed position. Non-reach-through wire mesh is attached to the back frame at the factory and cannot be removed. A second wire mesh designed to be attached to main gate is supplied with every gate for attachment on site by the installer. Alternative Style : the gate design can be continued into this area.

Chain attach brackets

Most slide gate openers are chain driven. Our system uses a bolt-on chain attach bracket which can be vertically adjusted to align with the chain from the opener. This facilitates the installation.

Heavy Duty Chain

The heavy duty chain attaches to the adjustable chain attach bracket at each end of the gate and passes through the drive sprocket of the Gate Opener.

Catch Post

For single leaf sliding gates, a Catch Post is recommended to add stability.

Built-in Gate Opener Platform

We also features a mounting platform at the bottom for attaching the gate opener. This eliminates the need to pour a concrete pad for the opener, saving you time and money. The Amazing Slider Guide roller placement and gate opener platform placement are both adjustable vertically for use with various gate heights and for a trouble free installation.

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes or safety loops are required to ensure safety of pedestrians and/or vehicles.

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