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Residential Chain Link Fence

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As mentioned above, a chain-link fence is made up of several components. Here is a quick breakdown of the components:

1. Mesh/Fabric

Also referred to as fabric, the mesh is the actual main part of the fence. Even though it’s the body of the fence, it can’t be used on its own as it’d simply fall over. A chain-link fence is also not so effective in terms of privacy, but you can use a screen or cover for enhanced privacy. Planting trees or bushes around the fence can also go a long way to ensuring privacy.

2. Fence Posts

Posts can be compared to the foundation of a building. They provide the support that is needed to keep the fence sturdy. A good section of the posts has to go into the dirt so that the posts can be stable enough. The two types of fence posts that can be used for chain link fences are line posts and terminal posts.

3. Fence Rails

Even though rails are not a major part of a chain-link fence, they play an important role in improving the firmness of the fence. Such rails are commonly added to the top of the fence. There are fences that, however, have a bottom and top rail. Considerably tall chain-link fences have a bottom, middle, and top rail for additional stability.


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