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Precautions When Installing Temporary Fences

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Temporary fences can also be called mobile fences, temporary fences, and mobile fences. Temporary fences are suitable for temporary isolation, temporary partition, and temporary enclosure, and are extremely flexible products.

What issues need to be noted when installing temporary fences

1. The temporary fence is composed of upper and lower horizontal bars and temporary guardrail columns. The height of the upper bar from the protective surface is not less than 1.2m, the height of the lower bar is not less than 0.6m, and the length of the horizontal bar is greater than 2m. Guardrail.

2. The overall construction of the temporary fence should be such that any part of the temporary guardrail can withstand the external force of 1KN in any direction without obvious deformation or breakage. When there is a possibility of crowding, vehicle impact or object impact at the location, the cross-section of the cross bar should be increased to increase the column distance.

3. Temporary guardrails in places where people pass or cross-construct underneath are closed with full-mesh nets, or a tight and firm footrest with a height of not less than 180mm is set under the temporary fence. Temporary guardrails and protective feet should be painted with bold yellow and black paint.

4. For roofs with slopes greater than 1: 2.2, the height of the pole on the temporary fence shall not be less than 1.5m from the protective surface, and an additional horizontal bar shall be added to hang a full net.

The above are the precautions for the installation of temporary fences. If you have any questions about temporary fences, please contact us.

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