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PVC coated and galvanized chain link wire fence

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PVC coated and galvanized chain link wire fence

 (1). The two kinds of the galvanized chain-link wire mesh fence: galvanized before weaving (GBW) or galvanized after weaving (GAW). The vast majority on the market today is galvanized after weaving.  

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 (2). Material: Galvanized iron wire or PVC coated iron wire.

 (3). Application: It is used as fencing for sports field, river banks, construction and residence, also animal fencing.

 (4). Characteristics: The weaving is simple, artistic and practical. Chain link fences are easy to work, bright color, easy to maintain. Chain link netting are the first choose for beautifying the city environment.

 (5). Application: chain link fence are mainly used in leisure sports field, park, garden, greenfield, parking filed, architecture, waterways, residence safeguard etc.

 (6). Zinc coating: The electro galvanized is 7-15kg per square meter and hot dip galvanized is 35-400kg per square meter.

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